• Psychosynthesis offers an approach to human development that is profound and hopeful while acknowledging and working with the pain and suffering inherent in the human condition. It  creates space for empowering our human ability to create harmony, synthesis, and full expression of the Divine.


  • Psychosynthesis is a psychospiritual psychology that honours each individuals uniqueness,it has been referred to as 'a psychology with a soul'. 


  • Psychosynthesis guiding seeks to help us disidentify from limited patterns of feeling, thought, and behavior so we can move our awareness freely among them, and act from conscious choice, in alignment with Self.


  • Psychosynthesis uses models that are oriented toward health and potential rather than pathology, they are  practical working methods that integrate principles and techniques of personal growth that allow an unfolding and blossoming of our highest and best.


  • Spiritual psychosynthesis is the process of awakening to the presence and movement of Self in the whole of our lives, so that we live and act in greater harmony, bringing our gifts into action in the world



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